This last week Governor Cuomo announced three plans to help not only revitalize the area around Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, but to also bring additional revenue to the economy around it. To refresh your memory about those ideas, click here. 

Now, in addition to having more carriers fly in and out of Stewart, during the pandemic it was Allegiant flying to and from southern destinations (i.e. Florida) that was the only airline activity from the airport. American Airlines has announced they will be returning in a limited capacity. Delta and Jet Blue? At this time, no announcement has been made as to when and if they will return to flying passengers in or out of the airport.

So, when and if these airlines return, where would you like to go? Say the sky is the limit (ok, that pun was sort of intended)? Say you can get a direct flight from Stewart to? Ireland? Would you like those flights to come back? Did you take advantage of those flights to Ireland when Norwegian Air had them?

How about Las Vegas? Wow, a direct flight to Las Vegas? I personally would be on that one at least one time a year. St Louis? Cleveland? Austin, Texas? All of these cities offer many opportunities for business and leisure travel.

Share with us where you think you should be able to book a flight to from our "local hometown" airport? See, all of the sudden it's not the sky is the limit, it seems to be the airline companies that are the ones doing the limiting.

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