Environmentalists in New York are concerned after bubbles, like boiling water, and later smoke was seen in or near the Hudson River.

Bubbles that apparently look like boiling water were spotted on the shores of the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley.

Bubbling Water Spotted Along Hudson River Near Power Plant in Rockland County, New York

Owen Cramsie/Riverkeeper/FB
Owen Cramsie/Riverkeeper/FB

Riverkeeper, an environmental conservation organization, shared a video of bubbling water along the Hudson River in Rockland County.

The video (seen below) was taken on Wednesday around 8:30 a.m. by Owen Cramsie along the Hudson River shoreline at Bowline Point Park, near the Bowline power station in Haverstraw, New York.

"Both Riverkeeper and Mr. Cramsie reported this highly unusual sight to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation," Riverkeeper stated.

Owen Cramsie/Riverkeeper/FB
Owen Cramsie/Riverkeeper/FB

Video the the "bubbling" Hudson River is below

Riverkeeper is a "watchdog organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River," according to Riverkeeper's Facebook.

Smoke Seen Along Hudson River Near Haverstraw, New York Power Plant


A few hours later, on Wednesday around 10:30 a.m., Riverkeeper's boat crew noticed a plume of smoke in the same vicinity, over or near the Bowline plant, officials say.

The plume of smoke, seen in the video below, lasted about 10 minutes, according to Riverkeeper.

"Riverkeeper cannot say if these two conditions are related or what caused them, but reported both observations to DEC. Our staff has never seen a plume of this kind at the plant, or a condition in the water like the bubbling seen in the video," Riverkeeper said.

The cause of the smoke and bubbling water remains unclear at this time. Some were concerned because of the closeness to the power plant.

"We referred this to DEC, but at this time we don't have further info. We'll report what we find out," Riverkeeper stated in an update over the weekend. "Still unknown whether the two conditions are linked in any way, and still unclear whether the bubbling was a natural occurrence or something else."

The DEC is investigating. The DEC uses regional environmental engineering firms and labs to conduct testing if testing is deemed necessary, officials say.

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