No, that's not a Ghostbusters themed doughnut in case you wondering.

Donut judge how someone chooses to celebrate a big moment in their life.

It's almost unbelievable but there really is a doughnut for every occasion. I'm totally fine with that because I love doughnuts. They really are a perfect dessert. There really is nothing like a fresh baked doughnut from a local bakery that knows what they're doing. They're sweet,, fluffy, light and if they are decorated then that means they are loaded with frosting.

That's definitely the case for this box of doughnuts.

Getting a vasectomy is not an event that you should celebrate with cake. It's not a birthday or wedding for crying out loud. I guess funny doughnuts are the way to go.

Cosmic Donuts out of Kinderhook is at it again. The doughnut shop captured the Hudson Valley's attention in February with their savory doughnuts filled with buffalo chicken dip and hot sauce. They were doughnuts made especially for the big game.

Another occasion that they make doughnuts for is minor medical procedures. The Hudson Valley got quite a laugh when Cosmic Donuts posted pictures of one of their custom orders online.

I don't know if I'll ever get a vasectomy or not but if I do I really hope I get a doughnut or two when it's all done.

My wife bought me a cake after my LASIK surgery and it made me feel way better so I can totally relate.

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