How big?

A new car and $10,000 BIG!!! We told you earlier in the week about 27-year old Alexa Perry, from Saugerties making an appearance on the popular TV game show The Price is Right. We were excited to hear that someone from the Hudson Valley got a chance to "come on down" and play the price matching game show and when I saw that she won big I had to write about it!!

Everyday after we end the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, I head home quick to walk my puppy Smalls and yesterday when I got home I flipped on the TV to see if I could catch Lexi's appearance on the show and my timing was perfect.

I missed how Lexi got her chance to join the host of the show, Drew Cary on the Price is Right stage, but I did see her get a chance to play the game "Gas Money" where she had a chance to win a new car and cash!!! Once she got on stage she was shown five different prices for a car and she had to select the four prices she thought were the incorrect prices of the car. For every correct guess she won a cash amount that was on the back of each price card.

One at a time she knocked the down the cards and built up some bank. She had the chance to walk away with just the cash but kept going and going and wound up winning everything. She won a new smaller SUV and $10,000 GRAND!! Congrats Lexi!!!

I don't think I would have done good with the gas money game, I'm more of a PLINKO or Cliff Hangers game guy! If you've ever watched the Price is Right do you have a favorite game they play? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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