Earlier this week the Ulster County Sheriff's Office shared a post that include one of their deputies stopping at a local lemonade stand. Deputy Mike Wilber stop by the stand in Saugerties to get a homemade glass of lemonade and to help a little girl in the community.

The lemonade stand was set up as a fundraiser for a little girl named Evie who had recently been hospitalized with an atrial aneurysm. Her story is very usual and every parents worst nightmare. I reached out to the Ulster County Sheriff's office and they were able to give me the link to Evie's GoFundMe page which appears to have been set up by Evie's aunt. It tell Evie's story and the situation that her family is in while Evie receives treatment.

At this time it's seems that they have reached their goal but as we all know medical expenses add up quickly so any extra dollars are sure to be appreciated. While her family cares for her they are suffering lost wages and they have had to find short-term housing in Boston. According to the GoFundMe page this is due to the fact that the Ronald McDonald House is unavailable to them because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We hope to update you with good news about Evie and her family in the upcoming weeks.

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