The Trump Organization is suing the Hudson Valley man who died in a Trump Tower fire.

In April, a fire raged through an apartment inside Trump Tower in New York City. The fire claimed the life of 67-year-old Todd Brassner of Harrison, who was inside the apartment during the fire. Four firefighters were injured.

On Tuesday, the board of Trump Tower Condominium, through the Trump Organization lawyer, filed a lawsuit against Brassner's estate seeking to reclaim $90,000 in unpaid fees, NBC reports.

The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court looking to reclaim alleged unpaid common charges and fees.

According to NBC, the New York Fire Department ruled the fire accidental because the apartment didn't have a smoke alarm.

The apartment also wasn't fitted with sprinklers because fire sprinklers weren't required in high-rises when Trump Tower was built in 1983.

Brassner, an art dealer, was friends with the late artist Andy Warhol. Inside his home at the time of the fire was a collection of artwork by Robert Indiana, Mati Klarwein, Jack Kerouac and a 1975 portrait of Brassner painted by Warhol.

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