So do you think the odds of finding yourself face-to-face with a bear in the Hudson Valley is pretty slim? Right? Think again. Bear sightings have increased ten-fold over the last few years.

You can see and read about homeowners finding bears on their porches, in their birdfeeders and in some cases even making their way into peoples garages.

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So what do you do if all of the sudden you are standing minding your own business and there is a bear?

First, don't panic. Take a deep breath and while I would probably consider running as fast as I can, making noise is a good way to let the bear know that you are there and you are not prey.

Should you share food with the bears?

Not on purpose. Look, if they got your garbage cans and ripped them apart or where able to get into your camp food, let them have it. The goal is, yes, for them not to get it, but things happen.

Should I climb a tree when confronted with a bear?

No, bears can climb trees. The National Parks Service recommends moving slowly away from the bear and move away from them in a sideways angle to the bear. If you can make it to a car or a hard shelter, attempt to do that. Putting something between you and the bear, and that something could be significant distance.

Have you ever come out of your house and seen a bear in your yard? I had the experience of a bear taking out my birdfeeder, I still don't know where the hook to that thing is, it is just gone. Stay safe and if you see a bear, stay away from the bear.

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