If you're looking for love in 2019, you better get ready. Your big chance is coming this weekend.

It's tough getting through the holidays when you're single. Believe me I would know, I think I'm the only single one in my group of friends.

If you've given up on online dating, maybe make one exception. Market Watch is reporting that popular dating site Match.Com has found that the most popular day to find an online love connection is January 6th 2019. Aka, this Sunday.

The first Sunday of every year has steadily been the "most trafficked day" on the dating site. It is predicted that there will be "69% spike in new singles coming to the app this year, and that over 1.5 million messages will be sent."

The reason for the days popularity? Match told Market Watch "“people actually having time to sit down and catch up on their lives on Sunday." They add that Sunday is great day to start planning your week ahead. With it being a new year, Match says "singles may be feeling particularly excited and hopeful about the future."

Need a specific time to start Matching? Match suggests 9:05pm this Sunday, January 6th.

Get to swiping! (If you end up marrying your match after meeting January 6th, I'd like to be invited to the wedding.)


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