I’ve always had this picture in my mind of myself living in an old farmhouse with chickens in the backyard. Collecting fresh eggs every day, naming them, and having a cool chicken coop. Well, I did get the old farmhouse, which was actually more likely a house for farmhands. But it’s in the City of Poughkeepsie and we’re not allowed to raise chickens. It’s probably for the best, because chances are the commitment is more than I could actually take on.

But, if I did decide to get chickens for my backyard, I would do my best to learn all about them and find out what I’m getting myself into. So, are you thinking about raising chickens? Stony Kill Foundation in Wappingers Falls is hosting an online workshop called “Is Raising Backyard Chickens Right For You?” on Sunday, Feb. 21, from 3PM - 4PM.

The workshop will provide information about the commitment involved with having a backyard flock. Participants will receive information on where to find local ordinances regarding chicken keeping, the equipment and materials needed for keeping both chicks and chickens, basic care instructions for chicks and chickens, where and how to purchase chicks and chickens, and suggestions and insight about various housing options and breeds appropriate for this area.

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the workshop. If you think chickens are right for you, this workshop will help you get started. Registration is required, and you can register for the workshop right here. For more information, check out the Stony Kill Foundation facebook event page.

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