Who doesn’t love a good food challenge? Watching Joey Chestnut eat a gazillion hot dogs in 15 minutes is always fun. And the Cooking Channel even has a whole show about food challenges called Man v. Food. I watch it all the time. Yup, food challenges can be fascinating.

The Hudson Valley also has its fair share of food challenges at various restaurants. And starting Sept. 20, Hudson Valley Eats introduces the newest food challenge, and everybody can be a part of it. In fact, everybody wins with this food challenge. It’s not like any other food challenge out there, either.

It’s the Hudson Valley Food Waste Challenge, and it runs from Sept. 20 - Oct. 31. The Food Challenge was designed to be the first step in building public awareness to the topic of food waste, and to provide you a fun way to get you to start reducing your own food waste. You’ll learn how to shop better and how to prepare and store food for less waste. 

This is a great activity that the whole family can be part of, and it will teach kids lessons on how to protect the environment, how to give back, and they’ll also learn all about good nutrition. Registration is only $25 per household, and you’ll get a HVFWC toolkit, a t-shirt, support from the community, and you’ll be entered to win some cool prizes. To find out more and to register, visit the Hudson Valley Eats website. It’s a small commitment that will make a big difference.

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