One of the world's top competitive eaters made a stop in the Hudson Valley over the weekend.

Viral TikTok competitive eater James Webb (also known as on social media) showed up hungry at Pizza Mia in Newburgh on Sunday, July 2nd. Webb is in the tri-state area as he prepares to compete in the 2023 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Pizza Mia's Garlic Knot-Crusted Pizza Challenge in Newburgh, NY

Webb took on Pizza Mia's Garlic Knot Crusted Pizza Challenge. The challenge goes as follows: Challengers have to finish Pizza Mia's World Famous Garlic Knot Crust Pizzas, which weigh about 12 pounds alone, plus finish 1 Dozen Wings, 1 Pound of Fried Dough, and a 2 Liter soda in less than 45 minutes.

James Webb was ready to throw down although he mentioned that he had been battling the flu in the last few days.


Did that set him back? No chance!

James Webb Beats Newburgh Pizza Challenge Record

According to the team at Pizza Mia, there has only been 1 other person to complete the task and we were told they finished at 35 minutes.

Webb moved flawlessly through the 12lb pizza, leaving the crust for last and finishing the whole pie in about 20 minutes. He then cleared a dozen wings in about 5 minutes and then had to take on the fried dough. This is where JWebby struggled a bit. The chewy texture of the fried dough really gave James a run for his money...


However, with all of that being said the competitive eater finished the whole meal including a 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi, at 34 minutes on the dot.

You can watch all 34 minutes of Webb devouring Pizza Mia's Garlic Knot-Crusted Pizza Challenge on his Instagram page. While on his page, you'll see that immediately after crushing the Pizza Mia challenge Webb headed down to the city to take on ANOTHER food challenge.

James Webby Prepares For Hot Dog Eating Contest

We spoke with Webby after he digested a bit and he told us that he'll be back for the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest this 4th of July. Part of his training is expanding his stomach so doing challenges like the one at Pizza Mia helps prepare for the hot dogs.

Last year, James came in 3rd place, and as you can guess...Joey Chestnuts came in first place.

Do you think you can complete the Pizza Mia challenge?!

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