Richard Ramano, in the summer and fall of 2014, produced over 2500 jars of Screamin' Onionz' by hand, working farm markets, fairs and festivals, eventually landing in 21 retail stores, and by July 2015, his product branched out beyond the area and was featured in it's first Whole Foods Market location.  Prior to that, Hudson Valley Eats reports, "he made his very first batch of Screamin’ Onionz to bring to a pool party in 1996 and he received enthusiastic feedback."

After he and his wife Alicia welcomed a son at 27 weeks, spending their days traveling to and from the NICU at Vassar, they decided to take a chance on the 'Onionz' business and make a major career/life change.  Fast forward to now, their Hudson Valley grown product is featured at MULTIPLE Whole Foods Market locations in addition to local colleges, hospitals, markets and beyond, including retailers in Connecticut, Westchester, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The cool thing about Screamin' Onionz is that it only has 4 ingredients so it can be integrated into many dietary plans, and can be used on pretty much anything.  Again, from Hudson Valley Eats:

A jar of Screamin’ Onionz is as versatile as it is delicious, and it suits a variety of diets, including vegan, vegetarian, Whole30 and Paleo. Each batch contains just four ingredients – peppers, onions, garlic and vinegar – and no added sugar. In addition, 100 percent of the onions used are grown in New York state. The three different versions offer varying degrees of heat: mild with sweet peppers, medium with cherry peppers and hot with cherry and cayenne peppers.

They have a pretty great slogan "Try 'em on Whatever. #OnionzOn Anything!" - and you can read more about the variety of onions, get recipes, and even check out a product finder for retail and restaurant locations on their website.

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