Feeling stressed? Does living during a rescission brought on by a pandemic have you needing to blow off some steam? Bills are piling up? This could be very therapeutic for some, if you're willing to drive. There's actually a place that opened in Rochester in 2018 called Smash Therapy. It's proven to be such a huge thing that owner Steven Shortino plans on expanding to Syracuse. 

Now, if only one day this new company can expand across the state to the Hudson Valley or Capitol Region? it's safe to say we've got some pissed off folks representing. Hell, New York is pissed off period. This could potentially help a bit.

It's simple. You book your spot. Smash Therapy will then provide with a bunch of weapons like crowbars, sledgehammers, and baseball bats. Then, you go and smash stuff up to your heart's delight. You'll also be provided with protective suit and eye gear so you don't smash yourself up in the process. You'll get items like bottles or appliances that you can destroy. Haven't we always wanted to to do that anyway? There's even a chance to destroy a printer, like a scene out of Office Space.

People are so stressed out and cooped up at home. There’s not much else out there to do, so we did see more business.

This could be a great way to settle your own problems without taking it out on a friend or family member. Instead of getting into a yelling match with your spouse over who knows what, book a room and smash the very living hell out of a vacuum cleaner? Instead of engaging in some pointless online s**t storm Facebook battle, go break a lamp with a very big hammer.

Maybe if we get enough of these around here we can actually drop some of the crime rates? After all, people just need a good place to vent sometimes.

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