Doing what we can to prevent this nightmare from happening to you.

Growing up in the small Catskill town of Ashland, New York, just outside of Windham in Greene County, every winter we always had some sort of plumbing issue when it got cold outside. The number one issue was at one time or another, the pipes freezing and then bursting because it got so cold.

Once the temperature started to drop at the beginning of winter, the number one rule in our house was that we always needed to leave the either the sink faucet in the bathroom slightly on, or the kitchen sink faucet, why? So that the water would keep moving and it wouldn't be able to freeze up. To be honest, I can now admit in my 40's that, YES I forgot to do this a few times and to this day I think my step father Phil is still mad at me for it...LOL!

If you've ever had the pipes freeze up on you, you can probably relate to his frustrations, which is why, as we make our way through winter here in the Hudson Valley, I thought I would share a few things you can do at your house so it never happens to you according to DL Plumbing.

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