I know when I was growing up the word "curfew" sounded like a death sentence. Now that I'm a little older I appreciate it a little more, but understand that teens might not be too crazy about the idea.

Taking into consideration that Monday is Halloween, the Village of Monroe is being proactive when it comes to minors out and about during the mischievous next few days. I say mischievous because as we all know, the night before Halloween is mischief night. I've never participated (I swear!), but I have seen the repercussions. Eggs, shaving cream and good ol' toilet paper have made appearances every now and then in my neighborhood and at this point it just seems tacky.

Gennadiy Poznyakov

The Village of Monroe has issued a Halloween Curfew starting this Saturday, October 29th. This curfew applies to minors under the age of 18. Minors 16 years or older will be given an appearance ticket if the break curfew, according to a press release.  

The Village of Monroe Halloween Curfew is as follows:

Saturday: 8pm-6am
Sunday: 8pm-6am
Monday: 8pm-6am

Does your town have a Halloween curfew? Kingston has also planned curfew for the weekend. Do you think it works? Let us know on Facebook.


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