It's Saint Patrick's Day and here's a festive Hudson Valley reference that you either haven't seen before or you completely forgot about it.

As Hudson Valley residents, we often think about the common references in movies or pop culture. Here is a list of 9 movie or television series references where the Hudson Valley is mentioned. Here's one that wasn't on that list, but it really should be.

According to Saturday Night Live Wiki, the clip is from season 22 of Saturday Night Live. It aired on March 15, 1997, and Sting was the host. The sketch stars Sting as a master rhymer and limerick writer in a leprechaun fan club. He is tasked to make a limerick that includes "Poughkeepsie" in it.

What exactly is a limerick?

According to Master Class, a limerick is a poem with five lines that has an AABBA rhyming scheme.

Does anyone remember Sting's limericks on Saturday Night Live?

Why the Poughkeepsie love? It's probably not that big of a mystery. You've got to admit that the city of Poughkeepsie definitely makes for a difficult limerick. However, I'm sure the answer has a simple explanation. It's Saturday Night Live and it famously taped live from New York. There's a good chance the writers were very familiar with Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley.

I don't think I could write a better limerick about Poughkeepsie or any other city for that matter.

Check out the video here.


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