Some Hudson Valley residents were shocked to see a "new gun store" open up in the region.

"Chew's Guns & Ammo" recently appeared in Rockland County, New York.

Signs outside the store read "Guns. Army Surplus. Knives. Antiques. Ammo. Collectables. Buy Sell Trade," "Pelham's Favorite Gun Seller," "Guns Knives Surplus," "Buy Sell Trade," Antiques War Relics," and "We Buy Guns."

Some Hudson Valley Residents Upset Over 'New Gun Store' in Rockland County, New York

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Some residents in Rockland County got upset over the new store, which replaced an old Radio Shack on Main Street in the Town of Clarkstown, according to town officials.

"Many residents have expressed concern about a new gun store opening in that location," the Town of Clarkstown wrote on Facebook.

Reason For 'New Gun Store' in Town of Clarkstown, New York

Officials from the Town of Clarkstown posted on Facebook to provide a reason.

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Turns out FBI: Most Wanted is filming in New York State including in Rockland County, according to Rockland County officials.

Town of Clarkstown
Town of Clarkstown

"The Town of Clarkstown has become increasingly popular with film and television scouts. This week, FBI: Most Wanted is filming at a few locations across New City including the old Radio Shack on Main Street. Many residents have expressed concern about a new gun store opening in that location. Please be advised this makeover is for filming purpose only and is not an actual gun store," the Town of Clarkstown wrote on Facebook.

So this new store is actually not a real store and it's just being used for filming. More details about the filming were not released.

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