Have you been itching to hit the snowmobile trails? Were you by any chance aware that New York State has 10,500 miles of trails that you can ride? Have you just been waiting for snow?

If you are from out of state, or from Canada, Governor Hochul has made it easier for you to check out these trails one time per year. What happened that will make the first weekend in March every year a prosperous weekend for snowmobiling in New York State?

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What do NYS residents need to do to go snowmobiling every year?

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Every year, you as a New York state resident, need to make sure you have a snowmobile license, and insurance and that your sled is registered. Depending on if you do this through your snowmobile club or through the DMV, this is a requirement for you each year.

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So, what's the big deal about this "Free Snowmobile Weekend in NYS?"

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The 'big deal' is that Governor Hochul has made it so that the first full weekend of March, every year, will be free snowmobiling to out-of-state residents and Canadians.

Outside of this free weekend, each rider operator will need to go through the process of registering their snowmobiles with New York State, at a cost. For this particular weekend, that is waived. You will need to show proof of registration and insurance from your home state. 

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Have you been able to go snowmobiling yet this winter? There are select areas of New York State that have been able to welcome people on their trails, hopefully, you have been able to get out a few times.

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