Cold weather is here and so is the snow. Luckily, the snow removal geniuses in the Hudson Valley keep on innovating new and unexpected ways to deal with one of winter's greatest gifts.

Here Comes the Snow

This past week's snowfall left me a little jealous. As I was busy brushing and scraping my car clean, my neighbor, who parks in their attached garage, drove by with their truck shining like it was just off the showroom floor. Those of us without a garage have to get creative.

No garage = a busy morning scraping ice (Jonah/TSM)
No garage = a busy morning scraping ice (Jonah/TSM)

Best Snow Removal Hacks in the Hudson Valley, NY

My first tip came from watching a body shop employee as I was sitting at a traffic light on Route 9 in Newburgh, NY. Every car in the lot was covered in snow, and it looked like they were being brushing off with a Swiffer. Upon closer inspection, it was actually an invention created specifically for safe snow removal.

What On Earth is a Snow Joe Snow Broom?

The Snow Joe Snow Broom is a Hudson Valley favorite that I can't believe I'm only just learning about in 2022. Its most helpful benefit is that it will clear snow off your vehicle's body without damaging the paint; something that I learned is all too possible (and easy) when I tried using a shovel to clear off my first car's roof. Those scratches were still there when I sold it in college. But that 's not all...

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Whether it's a frozen lock (have you tried a straw?) or making shoveling easier (hint: cooking oil helps), there's a hack for every part of the Hudson Valley's snowy winters. Check out some of the best tips below.

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