There's a new burger in town, and familiar faces behind it!

The Smash Shack is now open in New Paltz on Main Street, and locals seem pretty excited to see a new restaurant in a spot that was once a popular town eatery.  The Smash Shack is located at 255 Main Street, Unit 2, at the location of the former fan-favorite Taco Shack.  The owners, who also operate Mexican Kitchen in New Paltz, found it to be an awesome space to convert and make their own.

The Idea Behind Smash Shack

When asked where the idea for the Smash Shack came from, owners shared that they felt the community was in need of a quick burger place that wasn't quite sit down and super fancy, but at the same time was not drive-through fast food.

Bianca Camba-Matthews, who formerly worked at Mexican Kitchen, is part of the team that helped to get things rolling at the Smash Shack and had the confidence that she could help create an awesome menu and run a smooth social media promotion for the opening of the new burger spot in town.  While working down the road at Mexican Kitchen, she helped run the restaurant's social media, so the experience came in handy.

Rather than doing a giant grand opening celebration for the Smash Shack, it was decided that the staff wanted to focus on figuring things out, not overwhelm one another, and roll things out with a soft opening and light social media promotion.  It appears that idea worked, as they've had a steady flow of customers that has allowed the staff to get adjusted, and not overwhelm the kitchen staff right away. Camba-Matthews shared that the quality of the food is what's most important, so if that means taking the roll-out slow, that's the route they'll take every time!

What is the Smash Shack Serving Up?

So what can visitors expect for their first visit to the Smash Shack?  A variety of burger options, including chicken and plant-based patties, classic or flavored fries, and kiddie choices like grilled cheese and chicken tenders, plus vegan and gluten-free options.  The current menu can be found here, where online ordering is also set up already.

The staff at the Smash Shack wants you to know that they're just like the big guys, but better.  Locally owned and locally employed, setting them apart from the big businesses.

Now the only question that remains is, what are you going to try first?

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