"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?" Some days you have to head through the Hudson Valley!

In a recent episode of Sesame Street, some of the gang went treasure hunting in the Hudson Valley.

Sesame Street Films in Hudson Valley

Episode 5209 of the classic children's show was titled "Hike Pirates." In the episode, which was filmed during the COVID pandemic, Elmo wants to have a video chat with Abby but learns she can't because she's going on a treasure hunt in the Hudson Valley.


Abby is joined by Ruby on the hidden treasure hunt. The episode, which aired in early 2022, was filmed on location at Croton Gorge Park in Westchester, New York, according to Muppet Wiki.

Croton Gorge Park is a 97-acre property at the base of the Croton Dam and affords impressive views of the dam and spillway, according to Westchester officials.

Sesame Street Films  at Croton Gorge Park in Westchester, New York

Members of Sesame Street ended up in the Hudson Valley thanks to location scout Marc Auerbach.

“The idea was to create content that looked different from a Zoom call done from home,” Auerbach said, according to Westchester County Tourism & Film. “We wanted a country destination with fruit trees and livestock, and we wanted space to spread out and film safely.”

During the peak parts of the COVID pandemic, Sesame Street filmed some episodes on Zoom. However, producers also wanted to film some episodes in a safe outdoor environment.

Sesame Street Films at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard in North Salem


Sesame Street also filmed episodes that will air soon at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard in North Salem.

“Their staff became a seamless part of our team,” Auerbach said in an interview with Westchester County Tourism & Film. “They worked with us 12 hours a day to help us navigate the farm and work with their animals. We used their hay wagon for transportation and had enough space to build a base camp.”

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard is the first apple orchard north of New York City. It features 25 acres of apple orchards, 100 acres of landscape, amazing hilltop views and more.


“It all worked because we had (the) support of the staff at the farm, the Town of North Salem, and our liaison at the Westchester County Film office. I’ve never had such a pleasant experience and so much help," Auerbach adds. "There’s a wonderful, ‘can-do’ attitude there."

Auerbach says filming in the Hudson Valley was just a great experience he "can't wait" to return.

"We felt very looked after and welcomed. I can’t wait to bring productions back to Westchester. It has all the resources film productions need," he said.

The episode filmed at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard is titled "Sesame Street Goes To The Farm." It's set to premiere on April 21.

Sesame Street Workshop 10th Annual Benefit Gala
Getty Images

"In this first of five on-location farm episodes, the Sesame Street gang learns all about how a farm works. Celebrity guest Keke Palmer leads the gang in a fun rendition of 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm,' Muppet Wiki writes in the episode's description.

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