New Yorkers are starting to receive speeding tickets taken by hidden cameras. We learned what happens if you don't pay your fine.

On Tuesday, Hudson Valley Post reported on some new sneaky tricks to catch speeding drivers.

Disguised Cops, Speed Ticket Cameras Ticketing New York Drivers

New York State Police
New York State Police

Gov. Kathy Hochul's Office confirmed these new tricks while announcing Work Zone Awareness Week.

These tricks include the Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement and Operation Hardhat.

Find out more about both below:

Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement In New York State

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Fines through the pilot program are:

    • $50: First violation
    • $75: Second violation
    • $100: Third and subsequent violations within 18 months of the first violation

Operation Hardhat Continues In New York State

Get Ready To Pay More: Plan For Massive Toll To Drive In New York State Approved

Secret Speed Cameras: What If You Don't Pay Your Fine In New York

Canva/Google Maps
Canva/Google Maps

What happens if you don't pay your fine from a hidden camera? Gov. Hochul's office confirmed unpaid fines will cause issues when you go to renew your vehicle registration.

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You May Not Be Able To Renew Your Car Registration In New York


Hochul's office said unpaid fines may result in "a vehicle registration hold."

Drivers will not be able to renew their registrations without first paying their fines.

"Owners may contest a violation within 30 days of when they received notice," Hochul's office stated.

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