Warning: Scammers are pretending to be local police officers and threatening to arrest you if you don't pay them a "fine."

The Yonkers Police Department is warning residents about a new scam.

Scammers Acting As Yonkers Police Calling Hudson Valley Residents

Middletown, NY FB/Canva
Middletown, NY FB/Canva

"Scammers are spoofing Yonkers Police telephone numbers and threatening arrest, soliciting fake donations," the Yonkers Police Department states.

Unknown scammers are calling Hudson Valley residents and impersonating Yonkers police officers. The scammers are either threatening arrests in exchange for payment of non-existent fines or asking for money donations for the Yonkers Police Department.

Advice To Avoid Getting Scammed

The Yonkers Police Department offered the following advice:


Please be aware that the Yonkers Police Department - or any government entity - will NEVER call to demand payment or make threats. The best course of action if you receive a call such as above, or any unsolicited call, is to SIMPLY HANG-UP. If you want to verify the caller, call them back directly yourself. Please see the attached infographics for more information.

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The scam phone calls are originating from phone numbers with a spoofed or fake caller ID which makes the targets believe that the call is originating from the Yonkers Police Department, police say.

Scammers Likely Calling New York Residents From Overseas

The Yonkers Police Department is unclear where the calls are really coming from but believes the scammers are not located in the region. Typically the calls are coming from overseas, police say.


"Any residents or community members who have been defrauded by this scam are asked to call the Yonkers Police directly at (914) 377-7900 to file a complaint," the Yonkers Police Department concluded in its press release. "Please SHARE this information with your neighbors, especially seniors who may not be on social media."

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