Drivers are told to "avoid" a well-traveled road in the area for the rest of the year due to "extensive reconstruction."

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The Town of Wappinger advised drivers that reconstruction on Old Hopewell Road (County Route 28) resumed on Monday at 7AM and is expected to continue until 2022.

"The Dutchess County Department of Public Works has advised the Town that this project will be ongoing for the remainder of 2021 and will include the complete reconstruction of the roadway, such as wider shoulders, turning lanes, traffic signals, removal of hills, and repaving.," the Town of Wappinger stated on Facebook.

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Officials say the construction involves "extensive reconstruction and improvement" of around 3.4 miles of Old Hopewell Road, between US Route 9 and All Angels Hill Road (CR-94) near Presidential Way in the Town of Wappinger, according to Dutchess County Government.

Sections of the road will have alternating lane closures as crews work along the shoulders. If travel through the construction area cannot be avoided drivers are told to plan for additional time and exercise extra caution.

Dutchess County officials also "encourage" drivers to "seek alternate routes and to avoid Old Hopewell Road" on weekdays between 7AM and 4PM because there will be lane closures and delays.

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