The Hudson Valley is filled to the brim with historic sites and history in general. When you think about you probably only think back to as far as the Gilded Age. But believe it or not, at some point, dinosaurs roamed the Hudson Valley.

It really shouldn't come as a shock to us, but just thinking about dinosaurs grazing around Dutchess County or Orange County is wild to think about.

Earlier this week we were talking about finding buried treasure in your backyard. Back in the day when I was a kid I thought I found dinosaur bones in my parent's backyard. No one thought that it could actually be a possibility, plus I had a big imagination as a kid.

However, one caller reminded us about the Mastodon bones found in Hyde Park back in the summer of 2000. The caller said his neighbor was deepening a pond in his backyard when they came across some pretty big bones.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the bones belonged to a "12,000-year-old mastodon ." Scientists from all over New York came to Hyde Park to inspect Larry Lozier pond. According to the scientists, the pond in Hyde Park was created 18,000 years " as the last Ice Age was ending."

They also believe the Mastodon was 35 years old, male, at 9 feet tall. It was suspected that the Mastodon got stuck in the mud and died OR was butchered by the first humans in the Hudson Valley.

A Mastodon skeleton was also found in Harriman back in 1952. The skeletal remains were restored and are up to view at Museum Village in Monroe.


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