Happy Summer! Here we are, less than a week after our big 4th of July celebrations, and guess what’s already on the shelves of Hobby Lobby? Thanksgiving decorations. Yup. Pumpkins and wooden signs that say “Give Thanks”, “Blessed”, and “Thankful”. Really? You know what I’m thankful for? Summer. Warm weather, vacations, barbecues and outdoor get togethers. I’d like to savor it while I can.

So how early is too early? For me, the answer is now. It’s just too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, I said Christmas. You know if they’ve got the Thanksgiving stuff on display now, they’ll have the Christmas stuff out before the end of summer. Maybe even before the end of the month. Yikes! Summer goes by quick enough, I’d rather not rush it. But not everybody feels the way I do.

I know a few people that absolutely love the fall. The weather, the pumpkins, the cozy feeling that fall brings. And the promise and excitement of Christmas being right around the corner. I like that stuff too, but I like it in September. Others are happy to see it right now. Pumpkin latte in August? They'll take it. In fact, the friend who took this picture is delighted to see the fall stuff out already.

Where do you fall on this debate? Is July too soon for Halloween and Thanksgiving? When do you think would be appropriate? For me, late August would be okay. But that would mean no Christmas stuff until mid September, and I’m okay with that, too. I think I’ll have a big glass of iced tea right now, and enjoy my current situation… which happens to be summer.

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