Hollywood on the Hudson is becoming more real every single day. This time, another major celebrity has been spotted in the region. You probably know the character better than the actual person. The Wolf of Wall Street, whose real name is Jordan Belfort, was spotted in the Hudson Valley recently.

According to Barstool Marist, the unofficial Barstool account for Marist College, Jordan Belfort was spotted at McCann Golf Course in Poughkeepsie. Their account shows two pictures of Jordan Belfort golfing at McCann and one picture of him posing with a fan. Looks like Jordan Belfort even got a birdie on the course. Think he drove up in his white Lamborghini like in the movie? Hopefully, minus the quaaludes, crawling to the car, and major crash.

If you aren't aware who Jordan Belfort or The Wolf of Wall Street is, I'll give you a quick synopsis. The Wolf of Wall Street is a moved based on the real-life of Jordan Belfort. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belfort who is in fact, The Wolf of Wall Street. We see the early beginnings of Belfort's career, how he rose to mega-rich status, and ultimately had a fall from grace in the end. But don't worry, Belfort ended up fine in the movie, and in real life.

The Wolf of Wall Street was nominated for multiple Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. In addition to Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie play major characters in the film. It was directed by Martin Scorsese.

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