For a little over a week, the Hudson Valley has been feeling out of place. It has nothing to do with the state of the world and the pandemic, mostly just mother nature.

If you went outside at or even opened a window in the last 5 or 6 days, you'll know that we were in a bit of a heat wave. At one point this week, Poughkeepsie hit a record high for the month of November.

Maybe it was just me, but at one point I had to turn my AC on again. November in the Hudson Valley should not be this warm.

However, it looks like were heading into cooler temperatures this weekend. Naturally, Mother Nature had to leave the warm weather behind with a show in the sky.

Late Thursday afternoon, November 12th, rain hit parts of the Hudson Valley right around the time that the sun was going down. A quick look at your timeline will show you the absolutely gorgeous sunset we were hit with, with hints of orange, pink and purple.

Meteorologist Ben Noll, who grew up in the area, shared a picture of the sunset on Twitter. One of his followers, Jeff Schnitzler, replied with a picture of a "Pink Rainbow" in Newburgh.

Noll shared the exiting news that a pink rainbow is pretty rare. Where do they come from? Well, Noll explains in a tweet:

This requires a special set of atmospheric conditions, including recent rainfall and a low sun angle (such as at sunset), so that only reds & oranges are visible and the rest are scattered away.
Did you catch the sunset last night? If you were in Orange County did you see this rare, pink rainbow?

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