The leaping colors. The impeccable playlist. The anticipation. The spectacle. There's something magical about the ERDAJT Holiday Light Show.

For many Hudson Valley couples, the Guinness World Record-holding light display in Union Vale is the perfect holiday outing. The display has been the site of many a first date and -- as of Saturday -- nine proposals.

Eddie Gent and Meghan Birch became the latest couple to get engaged at the display, which features over 500,000 lights.

In preparing for the proposal, Eddie reached out to Tim Gay, who has been putting up the ERDAJT Holiday Light Show with his family for the past 20 years.

Eddie came to Tim's house and prepared a special voiceover to play when Paramore's "The Only Exception" came on the playlist. Tim coordinated a section of the display to spell out "Marry Me Meghan" in lights.

When the special night came, Eddie pretended the Gays were old family friends and the couple had access to wander the grounds. Eddie brought Meghan over to a giant rectangle of lights near the Gay family's pond.

He waited for their song to come on, convincing Meghan to stand out in the cold for just a few more minutes.

Then, the music faded out and Eddie's voice came on over the speaker.

"I know we've had some good times and I know we've had some bad times, but I definitely love you, Meghan," Eddie said in his recording. "Would you, Meghan Elaine Birch, marry me and become my Mrs. Gent?"

We probably don't have to tell you what she said, but we will.

Meghan Elaine Birch said, "Yes."