If you're not feeling the love this Valentine's Day, I have just the thing for you.

Valentine's Day 2019 is 20 days away, aka less than 3 weeks! I totally get it if you don't like the holiday, for whatever reason it is.  But maybe you still have some hate/disdain/anger related to an ex? If so, the Bronx Zoo is bringing back one of their annual traditions.

For the actually reasonable price of $15, you can name a cockroach after someone. Now, the idea behind this is to name it after someone you DON'T like, but if you relate roaches to actual love, then by all means name it after someone you do like. If you really want to get specific, you will be naming a Madagascar hissing cockroach, which sounds like the perfect thing to name after someone crappy. You'll even get a digital certificate verifying the naming.

You can upgrade in all kinds of ways too. You can get a coffee mug, a beanie, even a cockroach pin to honor the Madagascar hissing cockroach that you named. Or you can go for the grandest option of them all: the hat, the mug, the pin, and a printed certificate verifying the name.

Love (and hate) is in the air at the Bronx Zoo!


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