It may not feel like it, but spring has officially sprung in the Hudson Valley.

While the thermometer might read cold, we are slowly but surely heading into the warmer months across the Hudson Valley which only means one cream season!

Luckily, the Hudson Valley has a wide variety of ice cream shops to choose from. If you're looking for a run-of-the-mill vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles or an outrageous shake with peanut butter cups doused in caramel syrup, look no further than the Hudson Valley.

If you're out in Orange County, Love Bites has everything you need to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Not only could you pick up the likes of a Churro Shake, but they have homemade truffles and chocolate.

Are you wandering around Poughkeepsie craving a sweet treat? Spoons Ice Cream in Eastdale Village creates sundaes that you probably couldn't whip up in your wildest dreams. Hear me out, there's a cannoli sundae on their menu and something called a Donutini, it's an ice cream donut panini...I mean COME ON!

Bellvale Farm Creamery in Warwick was even named one of the Top 10 Best Ice Cream Shops in America back in the day.

Needless to say, the Hudson Valley is in no shortage of phenomenal ice cream options, many of which are getting ready to open up for the season this weekend!

We've curated a list of 33 of the most talked-about ice cream shops on social media. Did we miss a few? If you're favorite didn't make the list we would love to hear from you. Shoot us a message on Facebook or text us through the app.

33 of The Most Popular Ice Cream Shops in the Hudson Valley

Ice Cream shops across the Hudson Valley are preparing for opening day and the warm weather rush. Did we mention your favorite spot? Let us know who we need to add to the list.

Hudson Valley Artist Home that once housed an Ice Cream Place

According to a source the property at 1820 Route 82 was once known as Pince Cones Ice Parlor. This property is now it is available for purchase but not as an ice cream store. Now it is a beautifully renovated residence that was last occupied by an owner who is a well-known artist, sculptor, painter, and animation designer. Wait until you see inside. Bring your ideas.

Dressel Farms Ice Cream Sandwich

The Dressel Farms ice cream sandwich made with farm fresh ice cream and homemade cookies will definitely beat the heat and put a big smile on your face.

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