In just a few days over 200 in New York were accused of drunk driving. Nearly 100 are from the Hudson Valley.

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On Tuesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that New York State Police issued 17,797 tickets and arrested 207 people for impaired driving during the special traffic enforcement detail over Columbus Day weekend.

"The tragedies caused by speeding and impaired driving are completely avoidable if we all commit to making safety our top priority when we are behind the wheel," Governor Hochul said. "We will continue to have zero tolerance for impaired drivers who put others in danger."

The initiative targeted speeding and impaired drivers on roads across New York from Thursday, October 7 through Tuesday, October 12. Statewide, law enforcement issued a total of 38,255 tickets during the enforcement period, including 828 for impaired driving and 10,593 for speeding.

"The results of this campaign show that far too many people put their lives and the lives of others at risk through the poor choices they make while driving. Our troopers will continue to crack down on reckless and impaired drivers in an effort to keep our roads safe for all users," State Police Superintendent Kevin P. Bruen said.

During the special enforcement period, which was funded by the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, the New York State Police increased patrols and conducted sobriety checkpoints to deter, identify and arrest impaired drivers.

State Troopers arrested 207 people for impaired driving and investigated 1,031 automobile crashes, including one fatal crash and 159 personal injury crashes.


As part of the enforcement, Troopers also targeted speeding, aggressive and distracted drivers across the State.

Troopers used both marked State Police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement (CITE) vehicles as part of this crackdown in order to more easily identify motorists who are violating the law. CITE vehicles allow the Trooper to better observe driving violations. These vehicles blend in with every day traffic but are unmistakable as emergency vehicles once the emergency lighting is activated.

Results of the Columbus Day enforcement period by each New York State Police troop is below:

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Western New York, Troop A
DWI: 19
Speeding: 672
Distracted Driving: 22
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 75
Move Over:2
Total Tickets: 1,553

North Country, Troop B
DWI: 11
Speeding: 279
Distracted Driving: 15
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 28
Move Over:11
Total Tickets: 1,032

Southern Tier, Troop C
DWI: 3
Speeding: 471
Distracted Driving: 6
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 33
Move Over: 13
Total Tickets: 971

Central New York, Troop D
DWI: 11
Speeding: 697
Distracted Driving: 60
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 55
Move Over: 17
Total Tickets: 1,819

Finger Lakes, Troop E
DWI: 21
Speeding: 650
Distracted Driving: 27
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 166
Move Over:9
Total Tickets: 2,005

Upper Hudson Valley, Troop F
DWI: 52
Speeding: 965
Distracted Driving: 58
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 92
Move Over:18
Total Tickets: 2,077

Capital Region, Troop G
DWI: 18
Speeding: 1,039
Distracted Driving: 46
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 48
Move Over: 19
Total Tickets: 2,077

Lower Hudson Valley, Troop K
DWI: 37
Speeding: 388
Distracted Driving: 57
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 42
Move Over: 16
Total Tickets: 1,665

Long Island, Troop L
DWI: 17
Speeding: 388
Distracted Driving: 57
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 42
Move Over: 2
Total Tickets: 1,191

New York City, Troop NYC
DWI: 2
Speeding: 202
Distracted Driving: 28
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 37
Move Over:2
Total Tickets: 1,060

NYS Thruway, Troop T
DWI: 16
Speeding: 1,143
Distracted Driving: 56
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 99
Move Over: 34
Total Tickets: 2,355


DWI: 207
Speeding: 7,389
Distracted Driving: 410
Child Restraint/Seat Belt: 707
Move Over: 143
Total Tickets: 17,797

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