A Hudson Valley man is accused of cutting down a 9/11 memorial that honors five Hudson Valley firefighters who were killed on 9/11 and two American flag poles in the region.

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On Friday, the Town of New Windsor Police Department arrested a man in connection with two American flag poles being cut down in the Town of New Windsor in July.

The same man is also accused of cutting down a 9/11 memorial that honors five Hudson Valley firefighters who were killed on 9/11 was cut down in Washingtonville in July.

“This individual would have never expected that the damage he deliberately caused would have resulted in the mass outpouring from the community and the attention of the nation. While there is some negative publicity that law enforcement has
been receiving lately, I want to point out that this arrest, is a perfect example of how different law enforcement agencies work closely together every single day to solve crimes," Village of Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro said in a press release.

Andre P. Narbonne, 40, of New Windsor was charged with three counts of criminal mischief, felonies and one misdemeanor count for criminal mischief.

Memorial Park in Washingtonville honors five local firefighters, Mark Whitford, Bobby Hamilton, Gerry Nevins, Dennis Devlin and Glenn Perry, who were killed on 9/11.

Narbonne's arrest was delayed because he left the area for the State of Washington after committing the crimes in New Windsor, police say. He was arrested when he returned to New York.

“I am very proud of the New Windsor Police Officers that were able to identify Mr. Narbonne as the perpetrator of these crimes and I am very thankful to our Law Enforcement partners that assisted us in this investigation. These deeply disturbing incidents involving flag poles being cut down in New Windsor are disgraceful and offensive. The fact that both flag poles involved were proudly flying American flags when they were cut down just adds to the outrageousness of these crimes. Our country’s flag has been an inspiring symbol of democracy, justice and freedom for over 200 years. It is sickening to me that someone could do something like this while not caring about the sacrifices that have been suffered by those who have defended our freedom," New Windsor Police Chief Robert L. Doss said.

Narbonne was released without bail due to the charges being non-bail qualifying offenses under the new bail reform provisions of the law, police say.

Narbonne is scheduled to appear in New Windsor Town Court on Tuesday, August 25 and in the Village of Washingtonville Court on Wednesday, September 9.

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