Flooding from Wappingers Creek and a need for more space has lead to a planned big move for Pleasant Valley Town Hall. They will soon move to a new location in town along Route 44 across from Four Brothers Pizza and Udderly Delicious Ice Cream. According to a press release, the existing structure on the property will be retrofitted to suit the needs of the town government.

The new facility features more than 19,000 square feet of space, an upgrade over the 7,890 currently available to local officials. Plus the fact that there have been two major floods over the past decade that have led to sky-high repair costs the move does make sense.

The property was purchased by the Town Board for $700,000 which was $800,000 less than the asking price of 1.5 million. Last year Governor Cuomo's office approved a grant of $867,000 that is to be used to cover the costs of relocation.

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Not only is there more square footage on the interior but the new property covers more than seven acres which will allow for expansion if more space is needed down the line. Seeking to set a good environmental example, the design and construction of the facility will take into consideration all the latest technologies at the developers' disposal.

The current Pleasant Valley Town Hall has been in the same location for 45 years. Perhaps the only downside, town employees won't be able to walk over to Pam's Bun 'N' Run for a couple of tasty chili cheese dogs anymore. They'll have to hop in their cars and drive over there just like the rest of us.

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