The Hoot Owl Owl Restaurant in Pine Bush has decided to do things a little differently over the next few weeks do to the Corona Virus spreading throughout the Hudson Valley. They are meeting the challenge head on and some of their ideas are really clever.

The Hoot Owl posted on Facebook today a message to their customers regarding what they will doing during this challenging time for places where people gather to eat and meet friends. They want to make their customers comfortable and keep their staff working. See the note below that they posted. One of my favorite part is how the bartender is not allowed to vacation in Europe for a month and that Corona's are half off. The message is clear but they managed to keep some light humor moments that make you want to go to the Hoot Owl just to check it out..

Hi all,

Hope you are all well in this difficult time.

Just want to let you all know that we will stay open, but are implementing some new measures and will take things on a day-to-day basis. As long as our staff are comfortable coming in, we will stay open. And if you aren't comfortable coming in, we understand. And if you are having symptoms of a cold or flu, do not come in! We can bring your deep fried olives and your burger to your car!

The Hoot Owl is first and foremost a community gathering place and we will continue to serve that function as best as we can, especially when we are collectively faced with difficult situations. Please stop by if you need to get out of the house. Here is a list of measures we will be taking for the foreseeable future:

1. We will use paper menus that we dispose of after each use. 

2. We are going to remove some tables and seats to allow more physical space between customers. Hopefully, this doesn't lead to more shouting between tables.

3. We will wipe down every surface and item with sanitizer solution and regularly wipe down door handles throughout each evening.

4. We are going to add a couple of more sanitizer stations.

5. Our bartender Pete is no longer allowed to travel to Italy or France for the next month.

6. No more colored pencils for the kids. Bring your own and take them with you!

7. Half off on bottles of Corona. These things won't drink themselves.

If things get worse, we may add a delivery service. If we don't see you for a while, we hope you are enjoying quality time at home with those that you love.

Take care,

Arif and Sabeen and the Hoot Owl crew

Great ideas .... Yes? And it sounds like no matter what happens they will be having fun.

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