Has anyone ever seen this massive old wreck in the Hudson River or know the story behind it?

I've lived in the Hudson Valley for almost 5 years now and I'm just starting to notice all the weird things in the Hudson River. Last week I learned that eels and sharks can make their way up here from the ocean so that's nice. No, you didn't misread that either.

Even with sea creatures in there this giant old wooden ship might just be the strangest thing I have seen yet.

A local photographer recently snapped some photos of a shipwreck in Cornwall that a tone of Hudson Valley residents had no idea even existed.

Credit: Derek Robertson

Why is this thing here? Was this a ship that crashed in the area and has been stuck there for twenty years or possibly even hundreds of years? I would love to know that a Giant Squid attacked it years ago but something tells me that there's a much simpler explanation.

Is it just there as a decoration? Was it brought to the location after the fact. If that is the case then when and how did it get there?

Credit: Derek Robertson

Not much is known about the big wreck other than it sits outside of the Cornwall Yacht Club. It is believed to be owned by the Cornwall Yacht Club but they were unable to be reached for comment.

If you have any information about it please let us know. It's fascinating.

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