Get out of her way! Police say an ongoing dispute between a homeless woman and a hotel-turned-shelter came to a head when the woman drove her car straight through the lobby. ABC says the incident happened Monday night in the Bronx at the Ramada, when the woman and the vehicle came crashing through the front of the hotel, almost reaching as far back as one of the elevators.

It is uncertain what set of this latest dispute between the 26-year-old suspect and the shelter, but the NY Daily News describes the encounter as "crazed". The Daily News says the woman allegedly punched a manager in the face during the argument and then left the location. Some witnesses described the crash that followed as sounding like a loud boom. Police say the boom was the sound of the woman ramming her vehicle through the hotel doors and onward through the rest of the lobby area..

But she wasn't done. The Daily News says after all the hotel carnage, the woman exited her car and then punched another resident in the ribs. ABC says the suspect fled on foot and police are currently searching for her. The people were treated for minor injuries, according to ABC.

Of course, the thought of a vehicle crashing through a standing structure is always dramatic and downright frightening. But it's not always intentional. One unlucky spot was hit twice in less than two months in early 2021. WNYT says the Dolce & Biscotti in Clifton Park, NY. was hit two times by accident. The first time was back in February, an elderly woman sent her vehicle sailing through the front window and right into the middle of the cake aisle.

We've seen similar occurrences here in the Hudson Valley over the past few years.  In January 2019, a car went airborne on 9W after the driver took a snooze behind the wheel, and then crashed into Kirky's Deli & Pizza in Milton. And in May 2020, two separate accidents occurred in one weekend when vehicles smashed into businesses in both Rhinebeck and Wappingers Falls. Police say both vehicles had jumped the curb, and ended up hitting both businesses.

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