Only three people in New York State worked 3,000 overtime hours last year, and one of them works in the Hudson Valley.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that three New York State employees worked 3,000 plus hours of overtime in 2018. To put that into perspective, working 40 hours a week year round is 2,080 hours total. They worked more overtime than they did regular time hours.

John Bennett works in Orange County at the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center. According to yhe Democrat and Chronicle, Bennett worked 3,047 hours of overtime last year. He earned $237,000 for his overtime hours. On top of his regular salary.

The other two employees in New York State were Denise Williams, who works as a security hospital training assistant in NYC, and Eon Kirnon who works at the Capital District Psychiatric Center in Albany. Williams worked 3,560 hours of overtime for $200,000. Kirnon worked 3,350 hours of overtime for $173,000, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

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