We've all heard it before...

"They move at a really fast pace."

"They aren't that patient."

"They aren't that friendly."

Unfortunately, those are just a few of the stereotypes I've heard about people from New York.

Since I've spent more time in the Hudson Valley, I've learned this is very far from being true. Not only have I encountered very kind people, but people who have gone way out of their way to help me.

A few months ago, I was having some car trouble and had to pull over on a busy road. When I tried to start my car nothing would happen. The back end of my car was sticking out and cars were flying by me pretty fast.

Two ladies pulled up, they helped me push my car safely out the way and stayed with me until AAA came. They mentioned they both had daughters and would hope someone would do that same for them.

I really enjoy walking the rail trail and one day I stopped at one of the benches on it to tie my shoe. I made it pretty far down, until PANIC set in and I realized I left my keys behind. I went sprinting back ( the fastest I've moved in a VERY long time) and two people stopped me and said they saw keys on a bench and don't worry it will all be okay.

I went to the bench, but nothing was there. I ran back to my car and a sweet couple was waiting right there for me. They mentioned they saw the keys and wanted to make sure no one got a hold of them and they went to the correct owner.

In the grocery store, gas station, pharmacy and other local places I've witnessed many more caring acts from people around here.

Keep up the kindness Hudson Valley, you're rocking it.

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