Need extra cash before the holidays? Most people had no idea that these games were worth so much money.

This has been a crazy year. Some things I've seen in real life or online have been beyond my comprehension. Quite often I'll see something on the internet that I can't believe is real. Most of the time it's a crazy news story but if you spend as much time as I do on Facebook Marketplace you'll start to see people selling junk for astronomical prices.

Ebay and Facebook Marketplace is absolute proof that your junk is someone's treasure.

While scrolling through Poughkeepsie's Facebook Marketplace I discovered that certain ol video games are fetching top dollar. My jaw dropped when I saw so many listings. The last college football game that was released by EA Sports was NCAA Football 2014.

So what is it worth?

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That game is selling between $75-$100 on Marketplace. Even Gamestop stores have pre-owned copies for sale for $69.99.

A listing on Ebay for used but complete game for Xbox 360 has had 38 bids so far an is currently at $142.50. In some instances just the empty case is selling for almost $50.

Unopened and sealed games are listed for almost $400. You can almost buy a new system for price.

The price may be steep but it might be a small price to pay for college football fans while they wait for NCAA games to return.

According to Sporting News, we will not see another NCAA Football game until 2023.

Did you have any idea that these games were worth so much money? If you have any you might not want to wait to sell them.

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