The New York State Legislature recently discussed the idea of a single-payer healthcare system in New York.

Healthcare continues to be a popular political discussion, especially with the 2020 presidential election approaching. Within New York State, the Legislature held a hearing on a single-payer healthcare system. According to WAMC, a daylong hearing was held on Tuesday, May 28 for a proposal to start a single-payer healthcare system in New York State.

The New York Health Act is the name of the legislation to enact a single-payer system in the state. According to WAMC, a study in August 2018 found that a single-payer system would slightly lower the total amount spent on health care. However, it would require an additional $139 billion in state revenue to transition tot he plan. Lawmakers, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, say the number is too high.

WAMC reports that it's likely to take a while for a vote to be held on the legislation. However, the Senate sponsor of the bill plans to hold more hearings on it.

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