Nordstrom is looking at New  York and Los Angeles as locations for their new no inventory stores.

According to CNBC, Nordstrom is looking to expand their Nordstrom Local brand. Nordstrom Local is a store that has no inventory, but rather, services. Services like tailors, nail salons, even a full bar. While you can't buy any items from Nordstrom there, you can have online orders shipped to the store for pickup.

Nordstrom hasn't pinpointed where in New York their Nordstrom Local store will be, according to the article. It's most likely going to be in New York City, but it wouldn't be surprising to see a Nordstrom Local pop up in Westchester County.

Nordstrom recently opened an all menswear store in New York City and is currently in the process of opening an all womenswear store in the City as well. However, CNBC reports that Nordstrom Rack has been struggling recently.


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