Junior's has been an institution in New York since 1950 when their first restaurant opened in Brooklyn. But the family business goes back even further. Junior's has become world famous for their signature cheesecakes and other desserts. And now, you can bring the scent of Junior's into your home with their first ever line of scented candles.

Hey, if you think the idea of cheesecake-scented candles is absurd, there are far worse things you could light up in your house.

Cheesecake-Scented Candles 

Windobi reports that Junior's has paired up with a New York-based candle company called Literie to release their own scented candle. The first scent is simply called A Slice of Strawberry Cheesecake, which is described as a blend of "berry and cream scent with notes of vanilla, strawberry and cream cheese". It goes for $45 dollars, according to Windobi. Just don't go trying to actually eat one of the candles.

The candles are available at literiecandle.com and juniorscheesecake.com. you can also pick one up at one of Junior's three locations in New York City.

Other Weirder (And Grosser) Collaborations 

We live in a time when almost anything is possible. In this case, we probably wish that wasn't true. Now, residents in the Hudson Valley and across the nation can order one of the latest beauty products that were inspired by, of all things, cheese. You might want to click the back button now. This might be one of the weirder product combinations since Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew or Grey Poupon Ice Mustard Cream.


Cheese Scented Nail Polish?

In the latest collaboration that has many scratching their heads, Velveeta has teamed up with a company called Nails Inc. to release nail polish that smells like cheese. But according to the company, they only smell like cheese when they're dry.

CNN says that the limited edition polish will be available in both Finger Food and La Dolce Velveeta scents if that doesn't make your stomach turn enough. Both can be ordered on the Nails Inc website, according to CNN.

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