The "ugliest" city in New York State shocked me. Does it surprise you?

Alot Travel recently released their list of "The Ugliest Cities in Each State."

Alot Travel didn't go into great detail about why each city made the list but noted "lack of maintenance or just poor design choices," made each choice an "eyesore."

Places that made the list include Detroit, Michigan; Baltimore, Maryland; Panama City, Florida; Nome, Alaska; Reno, Nevada; Hazard, Kentucky; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Brockton, Massachusetts; New Haven, Connecticut; Birmingham, Alabama; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Memphis, Tennessee.

The website notes while the places on the list "may be great places to live, these cities won't be winning beauty contests anytime soon!"


In the Garden State Camden, New Jersey was ranked the ugliest city.

So what's New York's "ugliest" city? Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint, it's not New York City, or anywhere close.

New York county map vector outline gray background. Map of New York state of USA with borders and counties names labeled

According to Alot Travel it's the state capital. Albany was named New York's "ugliest" city." This really surprised me!

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