Once again, the New York Lottery's luckiest Hudson Valley store has produced a big-time winning ticket.

Check your tickets if you purchase a Powerball Ticket In Newburgh

$100,000 Winning Ticket Sold In Newburgh, New York


The New York Lottery announced that a third prize-winning Power Play ticket for the Monday, April 10, 2023, Powerball drawing was sold in Newburgh, New York.

The ticket was purchased at Smokes 4 Less in Newburgh and is worth $100,000.

The winning ticket has four matching numbers and the Powerball.

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"The winning numbers for the Powerball drawing on April 10 are: 9-10-36-46-52 and the Powerball is 14. The Power Play multiplier for Monday's drawing is 2, which means the third place prize – not including the jackpot – was doubled to $100,000. The Power Play feature is an additional $1 extra per game," the New York State Lottery stated in a press release.

New York State's Luckiest Lotto Store Found In Hudson Valley

The Newburgh Smokes 4 Less has been called the "luckiest" store in New York State because it has produced so many winning tickets.

In early January 2023, when the Mega Millions jackpot first reached over $1 billion, a $3 million winning ticket was sold at the Newburgh, New York store.

$2 Million Powerball Winner Sold in Newburgh, Orange County

B Welb
B Welb

In November 2022, a second-prize ticket for the Nov. 5 Powerball drawing was sold at the same Smokes 4 Less located at 59 North Plank Road in the Town of Newburgh.

A group of unnamed coworkers spilt the $2 million prize. The ticket was worth $2 million because the coworkers played the Powerball Powerplay.

$2 Million Mega Millions Ticket Sold In Newburgh, New York


In September 2022, the same store sold a $2 million winning Mega Millions ticket. The winning ticket was for the Friday, Sept 2., Mega Millions drawing.

Newburgh Store Continues To Sell Million-Dollar Winning Tickets

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

A second-prize ticket for the Nov. 5 Powerball drawing was sold in the Town of Newburgh.

A second-prize ticket for the Nov. 2  Powerball drawing was also sold in the Town of Newburgh.

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Both of those winning tickets were worth $1 million, and both were sold at the Smokes 4 Less located at 59 North Plank Road.

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