New York State Police from Columbia, Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester Counties are warning the public about an on going ObamaCare phone scam that's going on throughout the Hudson Valley.

State Police say in this particular scam a caller claims he or she works for "ObamaCare." The callers state that they work in a local branch of the ObamaCare Services, and want to help the person about some tax concerns. An online investigation by police proved that the call is a scam. Police want to remind everyone that the Affordable Care Act would not be called "ObamaCare."

Every year, victims report losing money to telephone scams. In addition to scamming money from an unsuspecting victim, scammers will say and do anything to get a victim's personal information. The scammers may claim to work at a company you trust, or say they are calling on behalf of a family member.

State Police is urging everyone to be mindful. Never give out your social security number, banking information, date of birth or other personal information to anyone over the phone. Banks won't ask for this information over the phone. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of the phone call or e-mail, verify the allegations by contacting the business using a publicly listed telephone number.

Citizens should be cautious of businesses or people who:
1. Do not provide a legitimate business address or phone number;
2. Demand immediate payment or payment in cash, wire transfer or money card;
3. Seem vague as to the circumstances;
4. Say that money has to be sent in to collect a prize;
5. Appear angry or impatient when asked reasonable questions about the organization they represent or the reasons for which money will be used.

If you believed you've been scammed and would like to report it click here

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