Hudson Valley residents should be aware of a new phone scam that aims to record the sound of your voice.

The existing cases have reportedly come from a familiar area code to where the victim is. The person or automated recording on the other line, calls people and introduces themselves and their business interests. But here's where it gets a little tricky, after the introduction, they'll ask, 'Can you hear me?' If you answer, they've got you.

What they're looking for is to you respond to their question with a 'yes'. They then take the audio and use it to agree to sign up for accounts elsewhere without your knowledge.

Authorities are offering up some good common sense tips to help stop this from having any Hudson Valley victims.

  • Only answer calls from numbers you know
  • Never give out personal info
  • Never confirm your phone number over the phone
  • Don't answer questions over the phone unless you know who you're talking to

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