A hometown in New York State moved up the list and is now one of the "rattiest" cities in all of New York State.

New York is well-known for its rat population. But you might be surprised to learn the rattiest city in America is not New York.

New York Now Home To Second Rattiest City In United State


Pest control chain Orkin named Chicago the Rattiest U.S. City. This actually marked the 8th year in a row Chicago was named the most rat-infested city in the United States by Orkin.

"Chicago may soon need to change its name from “The Windy City” to the “Rattiest City,” after topping Orkin’s Top 50 Rattiest Cities List, yet again. For the eighth consecutive year, the Midwest city takes the top spot," Orkin states in its press release.

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New York City Ranks Second


However, New Yorkers can't really celebrate because New York City is now the second "Rattiest City" in America.

New York City moved up one spot from third to second in Orkin's list.

"“Rodent infestations are among the top pest issues of the fall and winter seasons,” Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel states. “Not only are mice and rats a nuisance, but they are known to spread a variety of dangerous diseases, including Salmonella and Hantavirus.”

Los Angeles dropped from second to third.

Albany, New York Among "Rattiest" Cities In America


New York's capital, Albany, is the 34th rattiest city in the United States, according to Orkin.

"Beyond health issues, rodents can cause severe structural damage with their strong jaws and burrowing skills. They have oversized front teeth for gnawing, and teeth which are adapted for chewing a variety of items including electrical wires, water pipes and gas lines." Orkin states.

Albany, New York actually dropped three places from Orkin's previous list.

Buffalo, Syracuse Crack Top 45


Two more hometowns in New York State cracked the top 50.

Buffalo, New York was ranked 39th, up two from the previous list, and Syracuse moved up four spots to land at 42.

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Orkin crafted its list by the number of new rodent treatments performed from September 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022.

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