A new list is out that ranks New York amongst the best for craft beer in the United States.

Thrillist published a list ranking each state by their craft beer. And good news, Hudson Valley residents, New York is one of the best.

The worst state for craft beer, according to Thrillist, is Mississippi. They legalized homebrewing only in 2013, so they're a little behind the ball. Don't worry Mississippi, you have time to catch up.

The best state for craft beer, as ranked by Thrillist, is California. Thrillist noted not only California's impressive 900+ breweries in the state but the quality of the beers being made there as well.

As for New York, we were ranked as the 12th best state for craft beer by Thrillist. 12 out of 50 is pretty impressive! While of course, they nodded New York City breweries, they also made sure to point out some of the amazing upstate New York breweries, like Ommegang and the iconic Genesee Brewery.


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