If you are thinking of proposing this holiday season you may want to read the story below reported by CBS News before you finish you planning.  According to CBS Maurice Goldstein of New York City planned the ultimate proposal for his girl friend, now fiance (she said yes) Laura Stampler. Originally from Los Angeles, the couple was home for Thanksgiving when Maurice planned his furry proposal complete with 16 full grown dogs. You can read the full CBS story below but I am thinking this has set the bar for 2018 holiday proposals.

Obviously, the dogs are part of what makes this proposal so cool. Maurice simply planned a hike and drinks after with friends. Of course he had kept secret the fact that he had planned to pop the question. It wasn't until Laura noticed the rose petals on the trail that she realized what was going on and then the unexpected was the 16 dogs running at the couple after she said Yes.

What made this so great is that Laura is a huge dog fan, otherwise it could have been a disaster. So the lesson here, I believe, is keep it simple but make sure it's special. I am sure it wasn't easy for Maurice to get all the details organized. And he did get a lot of help. But I think that just goes hand and hand with good planning.

So if a holiday proposal is in your future I would take a page from Maurice's book and keep it simple but special. And definitely make sure you have set up a group gathering after you pop the question so everyone can help celebrate and relive your great proposal. Here's to hoping your someone special says Yes!

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